Lemon Aspen

Lemon AspenAcronychia Acidula, otherwise known as Lemon Aspen, is grown along the east coast of Australia, from North Queensland and down into New South Wales. It grows naturally in a tropical climate and is sometimes referred to as “pigeon berry”, according to the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation.

The Lemon Aspen plant has glossy leaves and delightful bunches of small white fruit, when ripe. The fruit is very acidic and is eaten as a bush fruit, although a lot of people would find it too tart to really enjoy on its own. The wonderfully tangy lemon aspen combines magnificently with our Ruby Grapefruit cordial. It just adds a final note of bitter lemon! And this has been a real winner in our range!

Lemon Aspen has very high antioxidant properties, and has a high concentration of folate, as well as being a good source of zinc and iron. It exudes an incredible tropical citrus aroma.

The production of this fruit is still relatively small in Australia, with most growers having to harvest the little white fruit by hand, and then refrigerate it immediately. There are a few chefs in Australia who are having success with it, and incorporating it into their menus.

Give it a burl, next time you see it on the menu!


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