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There are 39 known species of the Lavendula (most commonly known as Lavender) genus. Lavender is part of the mint family, Larniaaceae, and the various species are found all over the world, but cultivated extensively in temperate climates.

Having had a Lavender farm on one of the properties associated with Millamolong, we were keen to develop a Milla Cordial flavour using Australian Lavender oil. We used Angustifolia, which is the culinary species. The essential oil was extracted from the flowers, and then made into a soluble liquid to add to our drinks. We mucked around for weeks, playing on the marriage between the lemon and lime juice. Finding just the right balance was a challenge, as Lavender can be a very overpowering flavour. But eventually we hit on a perfect balance that is a gentle hint of lavender to taste, but also gives off that wonderful aroma that we all love.

Our Lemon, Rainforest Lime and Lavender Milla Cordial is a real hit and has even been served in the Bennelong Restaurant bar at the Sydney Opera House as a long cool summer mocktail. Just throw in some sparkling water, heaps of ice and garnish with a sprig of Lavender, and there you have it! You’ll be hooked.


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