"This sculpturally beautiful flower is an introduced species to Australia, and it grows in the most Northern parts of NSW, QLD, and across to Western Australia. Most often seen lurking in the bottom of a glass of Champagne, having been steeped in sugar syrup, it might be known to you as an "Hibiscus flower”. Wild Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa), is a juicy stiff flower that once crushed, oozes this wonderfully tart juice that is reminiscent of raspberry, rhubarb or even plum. Some say it helps with hypertension, and high blood pressure.

We combine the rosella juice with ginger, and apples from Orange, to make our very popular Apple, Ginger & Rosella Milla Cordial. This is one of the first flavours we developed, and it still remains one of our best sellers today, probably because it is so versatile. It is perfect mixed with water, or sparkling water and ice, and a slice of lemon or chopped up apples and mint, on a hot summer’s evening. During the winter you can serve it hot (), to chase away those winter chills, or if you are in the mood to party, then just add a dash of your favourite gin, a good squeeze of fresh lime juice, sparkling water and heaps of ice for a homemade cocktail. Being a gorgeous red colour, this gimlet is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas celebration. Chin chin!"


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