Keeping your cool with Party Planning 

Sweltering Summer is the perfect time for refreshing get togethers and family fun! Make your party a breeze with these simple tips:

  • Set up big cushions on rugs under trees for 'al fresco' relaxation zones 
  • Keep the menu simple with fruit platters, anti-pasto platters and grazing food that doesn't require kitchen time.
  • Prepare your icebox. Spread a layer of crushed ice around your ice box the day or night before you use it. Use block ice and add some salt to your ice. 
  • Cool your drinks and food first to prolong your ice.
  • Grab some outdoor games to keep the kids occupied - croquet, quoits and totem tennis are always a hit!
  • You don’t need a pool to cool down, grab a hose and a few garden soakers and watch the kids run under the water!
  • Keep the clean-up simple with eco-friendly, biodegradable paper plates and cutlery. With increasing popularity you can grab these at most major retailers and they can go in the compost with the food when you’re done!
  • Make sure you have plenty of Milla Cordial in the fridge to refresh your guests.
  • Try one of our fabulous recipes, with icy pops for the kids and something stronger for the adults!

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