GingerGinger originated from the jungles of South Asia, and was exported to Europe from India in the 1st Century AD during the spice trade boom, when it was highly sought after for its medicinal qualities. Ginger is packed full of nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B6, Copper, and antioxidants. It is said to prevent cold and flu symptoms, morning sickness and nausea, and improve circulation.

We use only Australian grown ginger in our drinks. Ginger is planted in September in Queensland, where it is humid, and there are rich volcanic soils, providing the perfect conditions to yield a great crop. The Australian ginger is perfect for eating in February and March, and then a further harvest is done in July or August when the ginger is larger, and hotter in taste. This ginger is then processed and used for spices, and also the oil is extracted.

For our Apple, Ginger & Rosella Milla Cordial we have added just a hint of single strength ginger juice, and it appeals to all the family, even the most reluctant ginger fan. By all means add more ginger if you are a ginger nut! This particular flavour is fantastic in the winter, served with hot water in a mug, especially if you are fighting a cold. If you are fighting fit, this flavour is a perfect marriage with Gin, and we have a great recipe here for you to try.  Otherwise simply enjoy this served with sparkling water, chopped up apples, lashings of ice and a few mint leaves for garnish.



"This sculpturally beautiful flower is an introduced species to Australia, and it grows in the most Northern parts of NSW, QLD, and across to Western Australia. Most often seen lurking in the bottom of a glass of Champagne, having been steeped in sugar syrup, it might be known to you as an "Hibiscus flower”. Wild Rosella (Hibiscus sabdariffa), is a juicy stiff flower that once crushed, oozes this wonderfully tart juice that is reminiscent of raspberry, rhubarb or even plum. Some say it helps with hypertension, and high blood pressure.

We combine the rosella juice with ginger, and apples from Orange, to make our very popular Apple, Ginger & Rosella Milla Cordial. This is one of the first flavours we developed, and it still remains one of our best sellers today, probably because it is so versatile. It is perfect mixed with water, or sparkling water and ice, and a slice of lemon or chopped up apples and mint, on a hot summer’s evening. During the winter you can serve it hot (), to chase away those winter chills, or if you are in the mood to party, then just add a dash of your favourite gin, a good squeeze of fresh lime juice, sparkling water and heaps of ice for a homemade cocktail. Being a gorgeous red colour, this gimlet is the perfect accompaniment to any Christmas celebration. Chin chin!"


Lemon Myrtle

Lemon MyrtleWant to know a little more about Lemon Myrtle? It grows in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland in warmer climes, and recently we visited a lemon myrtle grower a couple of hours North of Newcastle. We could smell the delicious lemon aroma all around as it was being picked and dried that day. Native to Australia, Lemon Myrtle is known as the Queen of lemon herbs, and is said to cheer and uplift the soul. The beautiful aroma that wafts all around us in the production shed, when we are making this flavour, certainly does put a smile on our dial, so may be it is true! The latin name, Backhousia Citriodora, comes from James Backhouse, an early Quaker missionary, who visited Australia in 1832-8, and was a keen botany collector. Lemon Myrtle has the most amazing creamy lemon aroma and sweet citral taste that blends perfectly with our lemon juice and Kakadu Plum, to make one of our most popular flavours. Cheers Myrtle!


All about Lavender


There are 39 known species of the Lavendula (most commonly known as Lavender) genus. Lavender is part of the mint family, Larniaaceae, and the various species are found all over the world, but cultivated extensively in temperate climates.

Having had a Lavender farm on one of the properties associated with Millamolong, we were keen to develop a Milla Cordial flavour using Australian Lavender oil. We used Angustifolia, which is the culinary species. The essential oil was extracted from the flowers, and then made into a soluble liquid to add to our drinks. We mucked around for weeks, playing on the marriage between the lemon and lime juice. Finding just the right balance was a challenge, as Lavender can be a very overpowering flavour. But eventually we hit on a perfect balance that is a gentle hint of lavender to taste, but also gives off that wonderful aroma that we all love.

Our Lemon, Rainforest Lime and Lavender Milla Cordial is a real hit and has even been served in the Bennelong Restaurant bar at the Sydney Opera House as a long cool summer mocktail. Just throw in some sparkling water, heaps of ice and garnish with a sprig of Lavender, and there you have it! You’ll be hooked.


2015 delicious. Produce Awards

The 2015 delicious. Produce Awards were hosted by Bennelong Restaurant at the Sydney Opera House on July 27th.  It was an absolute bonza of a night, and a real honour to meet so many hard working producers and chefs from all around Australia.

Peter Gilmore, the newly anointed chef at Bennelong, showcased the best produce from around the country, and spoilt us with the most mouth watering canapés.  The booming Matt Preston presided over the running of the night along with editor in chief, Kerrie McCallum, from delicious. magazine. Everywhere we looked, it was wall to wall chefs, judges and producers engrossed in foodie banter, and waiting with baited breath for the overall winners to be announced.  

The Producer of the Year – Pyengana Dairy Company, Tasty Cheddar (12+ months)
Outstanding Farmers Market – SAGE Farmers Market Moruya, NSW
Best New Product – The Fermentary, Milk Kefir, VIC

And finally to our category;
From the Earth (Artisan) – Mmmmm…… No! Sadly not us, but Wellington Apiary, Prickly Box honey, Tasmania.  Can’t wait to taste. Congrats to them.

Camilla Strang and Mel Ashton

And this year, to celebrate the magazine’s 10th birthday, we left with a beautiful gift box full of goodies, including our very own Milla Cordial of course!

Glad rags in the wash, we are back to the work boots, and rolling up our sleeves to make a huge batch of cordial this week!


Lemon Aspen

Lemon AspenAcronychia Acidula, otherwise known as Lemon Aspen, is grown along the east coast of Australia, from North Queensland and down into New South Wales. It grows naturally in a tropical climate and is sometimes referred to as “pigeon berry”, according to the Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation.

The Lemon Aspen plant has glossy leaves and delightful bunches of small white fruit, when ripe. The fruit is very acidic and is eaten as a bush fruit, although a lot of people would find it too tart to really enjoy on its own. The wonderfully tangy lemon aspen combines magnificently with our Ruby Grapefruit cordial. It just adds a final note of bitter lemon! And this has been a real winner in our range!

Lemon Aspen has very high antioxidant properties, and has a high concentration of folate, as well as being a good source of zinc and iron. It exudes an incredible tropical citrus aroma.

The production of this fruit is still relatively small in Australia, with most growers having to harvest the little white fruit by hand, and then refrigerate it immediately. There are a few chefs in Australia who are having success with it, and incorporating it into their menus.

Give it a burl, next time you see it on the menu!


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